7 Pro Web Design Layout Tips For Your Brand:

In this episode of Building The Brand, you will learn 7 pro tips to getting the best results and engagement from your web page layout.
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In a previous Building The Brand episode, I reviewed the top 10 web page layouts, and provided suggestions on which type of layout is best for your business.

Now, I want to take that one step further, and give you 7 tips on how to achieve the best results from your web pages.

Web Page Layout Pro Tip #1: Use Negative Space to Create Visual Impact

Great designers know how to use empty, negative, or white space to create greater visual impact.

Using empty space will draw the viewer’s attention towards an object or content of greater importance.

For example, if a designer places a black square next to a white square, the black square will outweigh the white, and the human eye will be drawn towards the black side of the page.

Web Page Layout Pro Tip #2: Create Visual Balance and Symmetry Through Separation

As a designer, I personally prefer and enjoy creating symmetry in design.

For me, it’s a pleasurable experience to view a well balanced and professional looking page.

By aligning and separating sections of content on a page that have the same weight and visual impact, gives the impression of stability and structure.

Balanced layouts are also easily scannable, so the viewer can quickly interpret and understand the content.

Web Page Layout Pro Tip #3: Stimulate the Audience Through Visual Tension

When designers use high contrast colors, oversized typefaces, or bold imagery, the viewer has no choice but to be drawn towards the object that is demanding the most visual tension.

This can be especially useful when you need to emphasize an element as quickly as possible.

Be careful not to over do it though. You want to attract the attention of your website visitor, not distract them or cause visual distress.

Web Page Layout Pro Tip #4: Create Emphasis Through Focal Points

Similar to creating visual tension, designers should also create several focal points in your web page layout.

Focal points are typically call-to-action buttons that are designed using the attention colors from your brand’s visual identity guidelines.

Other effective focal points are bold headlines, descriptive icons, or photos of human faces.

Web Page Layout Pro Tip #5: Accomplish The Goals of The Content

One of the most important tips of choosing or designing any page layout is to make sure that it accomplishes the goals of the website.

Think about the type of content your business is providing to the audience, and what is the best way to present that content, and create an enjoyable experience.

Web Page Layout Pro Tip #6: Tell a Compelling Story

Your web page layout should not be a random mix of content without any hierarchy.

Think about the message you need to transmit. What web page layout is the best possible way for you to communicate that message to the viewer.

Think of your web page layout as a journey, where you weave and lead your audience through a process that ends in clarity and a specific action.

Web Page Layout Pro Tip #7: Be Creative and Experiment

Keep in mind that you don’t have to use any of the traditional page layout types I’ve described in here.

Sometimes, breaking the mold may be the best option to create the greatest impact.

Unexpected arrangement of the element on a page could make your website stand out and achieve a more memorable outcome for the viewer.

However, keep in mind that the end user’s experience is more important than the design.

So that’s about it, you should now have everything you need to choose or design the best web page layout for your business.

To continue your training and dive deeper and learn more about how to design engaging web pages and a brand strategy that will capture more leads and generate more sales, check out my free 7 Day Brand Bootcamp by enrolling below or by visiting 7DayBrandBootcamp.com.

I’ll see you there!

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