How Color Impacts Your Brand:

In this episode of Building The Brand, you will learn how color influences your audience, and how you can use color to generate a particular emotion and reinforce your brand’s value.
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If used correctly, colors have the power to impact and influence your audience more than any other visual element.

In fact, up to 90% of consumers admit that a brand’s color plays a key role in their buying decisions.

Here are 3 ways how color can benefit your brand.

Benefit #1: Color Differentiates Your Brand

In the ever expanding and crowded marketplace, color can become the primary identifier of your brand.

When done well, and executed consistently, your brand’s color palette will allow your products to stand out from the competition and continue to increase brand recognition.

Benefit #2: Color Increases Comprehension and Engagement

The human brain processes visual content much faster than text.

Therefore it is critical to the success of your brand that before you write a single line of marketing copy, you define your brand colors.

It’s the colors you choose that will visually communicate what you want to say, long before you are able to actually say it with words.

Not only will color allow the consumer to understand and comprehend your brand, but it will also grab their attention when strategically used to highlight elements in design, such as call-outs on product packaging or call to action buttons on your website.

Benefit #: Color Creates an Emotional Response

Colors have certain emotions and ideas attached to them. If you want to generate a particular emotion or reinforce your brand’s value, color can be a very effective way of expressing that.

Here is a brief description of the emotional connections of some popular colors.

RED is for passion, danger, and strength

ORANGE is for vibrancy, confidence, and friendliness

YELLOW is for happiness, optimism, and warmth.

GREEN is for nature, freshness, and wealth.

BLUE is for security, trust, and dependability.

PURPLE is for wisdom, luxury, and sophistication.

BLACK is for authority, power, and sophistication

BROWN is for earthiness, masculinity, and authenticity.

GRAY is for neutrality, reliability, and balance.

WHITE is for simplicity, cleanliness, and purity.

As you can clearly see, the color that you choose to represent your brand will have an extremely influential visual and emotional impact on your audience. So be sure to choose your brand colors wisely.

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