Episode #2: How to Attract and Gain Customers For Life

Attract and Gain Customers For Life

In this episode you will learn the differences between Branding and Marketing, and when and where is the best time to implement each strategy.
As a business owner or entrepreneur, before you begin building your brand or creating any marketing campaigns, you need to be clear on the differences between Branding and marketing.

Although they have similar characteristics and both are focused on achieving similar goals for your business, they are very different in how and when they should each be implemented.

By recognizing these differences, you will have the opportunity to attract more customers with your short term marketing campaigns, and then retain those customers for life with your long term branding initiatives.

Here are 7 examples that will help clarify the differences between branding and marketing.

Difference Number 1:

Marketing is how something is achieved, while Branding is why something is created.

For example, marketing is the strategic process that your business will implement to generate a sale.

While branding is the reason why the product or service was created in the first place.

Difference Number 2:

Marketing focuses on short-term results, but Branding is focused on the long-term goals of the organization.

For example, when you develop your brand strategy and visual identity, you are defining your company’s purpose, vision, mission, and values for the future.

But your marketing initiatives utilize your brand strategy to create short-term campaigns that attract your target audience.

Difference Number 3:

Marketing defines the tactics of how something is done, while Branding defines the trajectory of where it will go.

For example, your marketing efforts will focus on how to promote your products or services, while your brand strategy will dictate how promoting your products or services will guide your business and help you maintain your path towards success.

Difference Number 4:

Marketing is the reason someone first buys, while Branding is the reason someone continues to buy.

This is one of my personal favorites, because if you have a relatively decent product, you should be able to generate sales through marketing.

But it’s your branding that will keep your loyal customers coming back for more.

Difference Number 5:

Marketing generates an immediate response, while Branding Builds loyalty over time.

For example, your marketing campaigns, whether those are banner ads, tv commercials, social media posts, or environmental displays should always create a response from the viewer the instant that they come in contact with any of your touchpoints.

This is not the case with branding. Branding takes consistent effort and communication over time to develop a loyal brand follower.

Difference Number 6:

Marketing is the process of doing, while Branding is how a company exists.

Your marketing efforts are a constantly evolving process of making your target audience aware of your products or services. They are the daily functions of your business.

But it’s these marketing campaigns that are guided by your organizations purpose, visual, mission, and values that are defined through your brand strategy.

Difference Number 7:

Marketing will acquire the customer, but Branding is what keeps the customer.

This is similar to difference number 4, and is another one of my favorites.

Once again, it’s your marketing that will initially attract a customer, and hopefully generate a sale.

But without a solid brand strategy that connects with that customer, they have no reason to stay loyal to your brand.

That is why it is critical to have a solid brand in place before you begin marketing your products or services.

So as you can see, there are several examples that demonstrate how branding is much different than marketing.

Both in how you communicate to the customer, as well when and where you should implement each of them.

Think of it this way. Marketing is Micro while Branding is Macro.

Branding is the bigger container that manages, dictates, and guides all your marketing campaigns and the entire organization towards achieving its goals.

And I will leave you with one final example…

Marketing is tactical, and tactics come and go. But branding is strategic, and strategy lasts forever.

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