Our Process

Our Process

Our strategic 5-step process begins by building a strong foundation for unlimited business growth. With a solid brand in place, we will then design, build, and implement engaging consumer touchpoints and marketing strategies to grow your business.

Research & Audit

We begin our process with a comprehensive audit of your business. We will review your current visual identity for consistency and evaluate all your consumer touchpoints to identify any weaknesses and challenges you may encounter. Next, we will assess the competitive landscape to find opportunities for differentiation and potential strengths. Finally, we will identify and focus on your target audience to ensure that we are targeting your ideal customer.

Strategy & Plan

Now that we have a clear understanding of your current brand, your competitors, and your target audience, we will initiate the brand strategy process.This involves defining the four key pillars: Brand Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values. With these established, we will then develop your brand’s personality, messaging, value proposition, and strategically position your business in the market.

Map & Architect

With a solid brand strategy in place, the next step is to focus on the user experience. Developing an intuitive and enjoyable process for the consumer is critical to generating the greatest engagement from your website, lead magnets, applications, and marketing campaigns. We will architect the entire customer journey to quickly and easily solve your customers’ problems. We will then test those solutions in real-world scenarios to refine and improve the process, achieving the best possible customer experience.

Design & Build

Now that the foundation of your brand has been defined, and your brand differentiated from the competition, we understand who your brand needs to communicate with and have outlined the best user experience, the next step is to begin the creative process. This includes designing your visual identity, websites, lead magnets, applications, and any other digital content that your business requires. We will then create guidelines to ensure that your brand is implemented consistently across all consumer touchpoints and marketing campaigns.

Market & Grow

The final step in our strategy is to release your new brand into the world for everyone to see. This launch phase includes your website, social media channels, marketing campaigns, advertisements, environmental displays, internal corporate documents, and any other consumer touchpoints your business requires. But it doesn’t stop there. After the initial launch, we will continue to monitor, manage, and update your business’s ecosphere each month to ensure consistent growth.

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