Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Most agencies offer “Services”. We believe in providing SOLUTIONS that elevate businesses to the top of their industry and help them become the preferred choice of the consumer through effective brand strategy, intuitive UX design, efficient development, professional training, and premier management.

For over 20 years we have worked with some of the most popular and beloved brands in the world. We will design and implement a brand strategy and user experience that connects and communicates with your target audience, makes your competition irrelevant, motivates your team, and increases the longevity and growth of your business.

Brand Strategy

Before a logo is designed, a single marketing campaign is launched, or a website is developed, you must first build the foundation to support your entire business. This is where your brand strategy comes into play. An effective brand strategy defines your company’s Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values, Personality, and Messaging.

We will help your organization define each element of your brand strategy, complete audience and competitor audits, and properly position your brand in the marketplace as the preferred choice for the consumer.

• Internal Brand Audit
• Competitor Audit
• Audience Targeting
• Brand Purpose
• Brand Vision
• Brand Mission
• Brand Values
• Brand Personality
• Brand Positioning
• Brand Architecture
• Brand Voice & Messaging

Visual Identity

With your brand’s purpose, vision, mission, values, personality, and messaging in mind, we will design engaging and impactful visual elements that will resonate with your target customer and elevate your brand above the competition.

We will then provide your team with brand guidelines that must be followed. These guidelines will maintain consistency across all consumer touchpoints to increase brand awareness and build brand equity.

• Logo Design
• Brand Colors
• Brand Typography
• Brand Imagery
• Brand Look & Feel
• Brand Guidelines

UX Design & Architecture

A positive, enjoyable, and intuitive user experience is critical to the success of your business. Consumers today expect an easy and rapid solution to their problems and pain points.

Through agile design methodologies and usability fundamentals, we will architect and design the most efficient and positive customer experience to facilitate increased conversions, generate repeat business, and eliminate consumer pain points.

• Websites Layout & Architecture
• Interactive Touchscreen & Digital Displays
• Software Interface Design
• Point of Sale Terminals
• Mobile Applications
• Kiosk & Vending Terminals
• Appliance & Technology Displays
• Automotive and Transportation
• Gaming & Betting Terminals
• In Store Experiences
• Smart Home Digital Displays

Website Design

One of your most important and influential consumer touchpoints is your website. It will most likely be the first interaction a consumer has with your business. Therefore it must effectively communicate what your business does, why you do it, what problem your business solves, and how a potential customer can get access to more information.

Collaborating with the best industry professionals, we will design and develop a beautiful and engaging website that connects with your target audience, communicates your message, and drives conversions.

• Wireframe Layouts
• Lead Capture Pages
• Brand Specific Design
• Custom Development
• e-Commerce Solutions
• Memberships Platforms
• SEO Integration
• Hosting and Server Management
• Analytics & Updates

Training & Consulting

We believe that every business deserves quality information, professional consultation, and valuable resources to achieve the greatest impact in the business.

In addition to providing our clients with premier brand strategies and user experiences, we also offer dozens of free guides, training workshops, one-on-one consulting, and courses to help any business build a better brand and provide the best experience for their customers.

• Branding Guides
• Workshops
• One-on-One Consulting
• Training Courses
• Weekly Brand Strategy Videos
• Rebranding Questionnaire

Brand Management

My commitment to the success of your business does not end when your website has launched, your app has been developed, or your user interface is complete. Implementing an effective brand strategy is an ongoing process that requires consistent management and revisions.

To maintain consistency and a positive customer experience, we will continue to monitor all your consumer touchpoints to identify problem areas and make necessary adjustments.

• Touchpoint Audits
• Engagement Reporting
• Analytic Tracking
• Rebranding
• Identity Updates
• Review, Report, Refresh

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