Why You Need a Branding Team

Why You Need a Branding Team:

Once you have discovered the importance of a well developed and designed brand, you are going to need a team of top talented branding and creative professionals to implement it.

Businesses often assume that they can simply hire a couple contract designers to mock up a logo and throw together a website and they will be good to go.

And whenever they need some additional designs created or marketing campaigns developed, they’ll simply hire a couple more temporary designers to complete the task.

But a well developed and executed brand often takes months, if not years to create, design, manage, and update.

You will need a dedicated team in place to ensure quality and consistency, connect the brand vision to the brand strategy, design visual assets, and share brand values throughout the organization.

This creative and branding team will put the brand front and center, to guarantee your daily marketing, advertising, and operations are aligned to your brand vision and goals.

The Functions of a Branding Team

To better understand the importance of a dedicated team, here are 5 crucial functions your creative branding team will play in helping you achieve your business goals.

1: Designing and Implementing Your Visual Identity

As a growing and profitable brand, you will need a team of creative directors, designers, and graphic artists to not only design your original visual identity, but to also constantly be implementing the brand across all your web pages, products, marketing campaigns, advertisements, promotions, and internal documents.

Doing this effectively requires each member of the creative team to possess a deep understanding of the organization’s business goals, target audience, values, and vision.

2: Aligning the Business to the Brand Vision

Oftentimes, upper management will make business decisions without the brand in mind.

Even though every decision will affect the brand either financially or through it’s reputation.

However, when you have a brand team in place, they can help make more intelligent decisions that support the integrity and vision of the brand.

They may also offer valuable feedback and advice on the best way to implement and execute new brand initiatives.

3: Brand Promotion

Your brand strategy is built and designed by your creative branding team.

Therefore they are able to collaborate with the marketing team to provide insight on the best ways to effectively promote the brand.

After all, marketing and content strategy are just the tools that are used to execute the brand strategy.

4: Build a Company Culture that Reflect the Brand

Your brand is not just visible to your customers. It should also have an impact on your company and employees.

When you have a dedicated internal creative and branding team, they will help shape the culture of the company in ways that support the brand.

Everything your internal team does and says should demonstrate the core values and vision of the company.

5: Protecting the Brand Identity

Successful brands are built on brand equity and consumer recognition.

That is why it’s critical that your visual brand identity remains consistent.

The creative and branding team is responsible for creating, enforcing, and revising brand guidelines to make sure every consumer touchpoint adheres to brand standards.

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