Episode #10: Use Brand Personality to Attract More Customers

How to Attract More Customers

In this episode of Building The Brands, you will learn the importance of applying a personality to your brand, so you can effectively position it in the marketplace and connect with your target audience.
A brand Personality is a set of human characteristics that are attributed to a brand.

Applying consistent personality traits to your brand is a way to humanize it with characteristics so a specific consumer segment can relate to your brand.

Just like how you can tell a lot about a person based on their personality, you can do the same for brands.

When you use adjectives, or traits, that support these personality types through your tone of voice, visuals and messaging, the customer will decide whether they want to be associated with you or in opposition.

The authenticity and consistency of these traits is what separates a successful brand from a brand that is boring and irrelevant in the mind of the consumer.

It will engage emotionally with your target audience, which will drive their purchasing decisions.

Here are 5 benefits to consistently communicating your brand personality to your audience:

1: Personality Creates Competitive Differentiation

Your audience will constantly be comparing your products and services to those of your competition.

By communicating your brand personality you have the opportunity to market and position the same products or services differently than your competition.

This will play a huge role in how the customer perceives your brand.

2: Personality Increases Brand Awareness

By applying a personality to your brand it will consistently attract new customers who can relate to those same traits, and it makes your brand more recognizable in the marketplace.

3: Personality Fosters Brand Loyalty

When you have a legion of customers who identify with the personality of your brand, they will continue to purchase from you and evolve from brand recognition to brand preference.

4: Personality Enhances Your Brand Story

People want to be part of something bigger than just a brand’s product line, and expect full transparency from the companies they choose to buy from.

Communication and being open with your brand personality will enhance your brand’s story and further connect with your audience.

5: Personality Authenticates Your Core Values

When your brand’s personality reflects your core values, you will be perceived as authentic in the eyes of the consumer.

If your customers believe you are authentic, they will trust you, and feel safe and confident purchasing your products and services.

As you can clearly see, a brand personality is a key component to defining your brand messaging. Without a personality, your brand will be perceived as dull, boring, and insignificant.

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