How to Define Your Brand Values

How to Define Your Brand Values:

If you have been following along in this 4 part “Defining Your Brand” series, then so far you have completed 3 of the four steps of the Definitive Motivation brand principle.

You have defined your brand purpose, which is why you exist and what your business stands for.

You have looked into the future and set your brand vision and focus towards your lofty goals.

And you have crafted your brand mission, which is the action statement that your company will follow to make your vision a reality.

Now it’s time to complete the fourth and final step of defining your business…. Your Brand Values.

What Are Brand Values?

Your brand values represent the compass that will guide your brand narrative, your actions, your behaviors, and your decisions.

They will be a constant reminder of what is important to your business and the audience that you serve.

If you consistently stand true to your core values, it will make every business decision and marketing strategy an obvious and effortless task.

When your brand values are properly aligned with your brand purpose, your brand vision, and your brand mission, you will possess 20/20 clarity on everything you need to do in your organization.

When these values are aligned with the values of your target audience, then they are more likely to support your brand and be motivated to purchase from you.

In today’s crowded marketplace, consumer trust is more difficult than ever to achieve.

To gain that trust you must consistently demonstrate a core set of values to maintain brand authenticity.

In addition to motivating the consumer, your values can have an extremely powerful effect on your employees.

Your brand values have the potential to attract top talented professionals who desire to work for organizations that hold the same values they do.

How incredible would it be to do what you love, while building a brand around values that you can be proud of and passionate about?

Always remember, your values are the principles that guide your behavior.

Why Define Your Brand Values

Before we dive in and discover your brand values, allow me to review the benefits that core values will bring to your organization.

Benefit #1: You will be able to make decisions that align with your brand’s mission.

Benefit #2: Remaining true to your brand values will increase employee engagement.

Benefit #3: Brand values make your brand more memorable.

Benefit #4: You will create deep emotional connections with your audience.

Benefit #5: Values will maintain brand authenticity.

Benefit #6: Your value compass will guide everyone on your team and maintain consistency.

Benefit #7: Brand values will inspire brand loyalty.

How to Discover Your Brand Values

Ok, so now that you are clear about the benefits of your brand values, and how they will lead and shape your business, let’s discover what your values are.

Notice that I said “Discover” your brand values, not write them, or create them.

You don’t create your company’s core values, they already exist within the organization.

You just need to discover what they are and define them so you can effectively use them in your brand.

Here are 6 steps to help you discover your brand values:

1: Get Inspired:

Make a list of brands that you admire for inspiration. Both within and outside of your industry. What are the qualities of these brands that resonate with you and those you want to demonstrate yourself? Focus on those qualities that you can follow in your business.

2: Initiate a Brainstorming Session:

Gather your team for a brain dump. Create lists of words and short phrases that describe the values that are important to you. Ask your team questions like: “What do we value most as a company?” “What does our company stand for?”. Think about reasons why your target audience would choose you over the competition. We’re not looking for refined quality at this point, just ideas that lead to other ideas. Be sure to come with an open mind, and let go of any preconceived notions you have about the organization. Use action words that your employees can live by. Aim to list at least 20 words or phrases.

3: Trim Your List:

Take your list of 20 or so words and cut out the noise. You want to create the most impact you can, so get rid of the words that dilute your message. Your final list should include values that describe what you stand for and are actively doing in your business now. This should not be your brand vision or what you want to become.

4: Expand to Phrases:

Now take your final list or words and combine them into a few phrases or sentences. Use Short, impactful phrases that are easy to recall and trigger a response. Be sure to differentiate yourself from the competition. Your brand values should not describe every other business in your industry.

5: Reflect on Negative Experiences:

Think of negative situations you’ve experienced with other brands before, specifically those of the competition. How did those experiences make you feel? And what can your company do that will ensure that you do not create the same experience for the customer?

6: Align with How You Demonstrate These Values:

Next, do a final audit of your phrases and craft the perfect set of brand values. Align them with what you are already doing. Ask yourself why you are doing them and why they are important.

How to Express Your Core Values

Once you have your inspiring core values in place, and you feel passionate about them, you’re probably wondering how exactly to communicate them to your audience?

You should start internally, within your organization.

Make sure that every employee, partner, and stakeholder believes in these same values, is willing to uphold them, and is able to repeat them without hesitation.

Include them in internal documents, sales reports, monthly metrics, recite them as a pre meeting ritual, or paint them on the walls of your office.

Whichever methods you choose, constantly remind your team the importance of your values.

Remember, all great brands start within the company.

Next, you need to connect with the consumer through powerful content marketing that demonstrates these values on a personal level.

Be open, honest, vulnerable, and passionate when speaking about your values.

This will help your audience relate to you and form a personal connection.

Here are 5 ways you can share your brand values:

1: Weave Them Into Your Story

Your story will become a very powerful tool in your brand strategy. Including your core values in your narrative will enhance the consumer connection that is critical to the success of your business.

2: Place Them on Your Website

Your website will most likely be the first place a potential customer visits to learn more about your brand. Be sure to include your values in your page copy, product info, or on your about page.

3: Showcase Your Team

Use beautiful and bright photos of your employees, and spotlight how they demonstrate your core values. Customers desire to form human connections with brands, and your team is the face of your brand.

4: Be Transparent

The consumer wants a brand they can trust. As I mentioned earlier, be open and honest about your core values. Wherever and whenever you have the opportunity to express them, do so without hesitation.

5: Refine Your Message

In Brand Designer Academy I show you how to develop your brand voice and messaging. This will provide the perfect opportunity for you to introduce your brand values into how you speak to your audience.

Above all, remember that your brand values are an extremely important part of your brand strategy.

Combined with your brand purpose, your brand vision, and your brand mission, your brand values will create an irresistible connection with your target demographic.

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